Right or Wrong? — Gotta Get The Question Right First

The middle ground is often a hard place to remain. You hear arguments from all around and almost get to pick and choose where you stand, what you accept and reject, what you will take with you and what you will discard where it lays. One of the hardest places to stand is between the atheists and those of a religious persuasion.

The problem is they have two world views which are wholly opposed. Whilst the atheists seem to assert, quite correctly, that there is no evidence and those of religion the insistence that faith is enough the debate seems wholly pointless. The thing is and whenever battling with someone on something very profound is that you must not throw the baby out with the proverbial bath water.

You must separate the wheat from the chaff. That is despite the issues of religion there is much there that is worth pondering and worth considering. It is not self evident that without it there is much direction on how one should conduct ones life. Give credit where it is due, many civilizations have flourished with religious teachings at the core of there value structures and hierarchies.

One of the major issues with secular thinking is it’s lack of obvious values. What is scientifically valid may not be a particularly good or helpful thing to do. That is certainly not to say that people out side of religious structures are immoral or without values but rather that there is some value within those sacred lines and writings.

What they really do well is describe our experience. In a world full of heart break, misfortune and horror to have a guide to come back from the underworld is very helpful. So forget your petty argument over who is right or wrong and see what you can do a little better. Before one removes the splinter from their brother’s eye first they should remove the log from their own.




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