Australian Idol — What is in a hero.

There are a mixture of currents moving through western culture. youth culture and all around. There is great disillusion with politics and the ‘system’. There are many warring factions the rich & the poor, men & women, the left and right, millennials & baby boomers, and many, many others. We need to plot our way though a myriad of difficult and complex problems social, environmental, biological & philosophical. How does the individual go about this? Traditionally we could look to communities and our families, our histories, our religions, myths & stories and be guided on where to step to next and that is why heroes are important.

That is something that in many ways could be quite concerning for many. Who is your hero? Who do you follow? Whilst you lore mum & dad any much they are too close to be as your mythological hero guide, lovely as they may be. No heroes need to exist in our culture. A culture that is a reflection of our values and that is why you should be concerned.  If the best we can do are the likes of those who would call their colleagues cancer or some generic reality star doing some kind of drug or alcohol scandal this week, pick your generic entitled musical star or people running off and deserting their word for the latest contract. These aren’t people worth aspiring to, these people are not who embody the greatest values of humanity and not worth your attention.

They are a reflection of those in the peanut galleries and this is not a flattering mirror. Be better, demand better and be compassionate when they fall for remember they are human and so are you. Strive for greatness to be the archetype of good and just. More on this to follow.


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