The passing of Mr Leonard Cohen

I had been wondering what I would do with this section. Whether it was to contain reviews or analysis of great works and others. Whether I would share with you dear reader some of my own which I still can’t decide are worth sharing with anyone. However, it is seem events are ahead of me. A great love and inspiration of mine has joined the long list of people claimed by 2016.

Leonard Cohen was one of those singer songwriters to be produced by the 60’s and 70’s and whilst may not have enjoyed the fame of Bob Dylan would certainly rival him for craft and skill. Whilst, many would describe what they hear as, ‘music to kill yourself to’, there is much to be said for the lyrical content of his catalogue as well as his books of poetry. The world is so often complicated that we need poetry to describe those things we can’t quite understand yet. The complications of love and lust, of disappointment and joy, of understanding and religion.

His most recent album, “You Want It Darker”, is a very great album and feels in the same as Bowie’s final contribution to the world. If you wish for a complete overview there is the, “Live in London”, album a concert that encompasses much of his greatest work and reveals plenty of the man behind the music. So take a look at a great poet and song master and revel in your experiences and the life you get to live.



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