Maxim Vengerov and That Rare Thing

The other night I went and saw Maxim Vengerov, a life long violinist whom it was my great pleasure to bear witness to a exceptional recital. This would be called “That X-Factor”, except I don’t want to tarnish this view and nor is it very accurate. He has played almost his entire life! That isn’t an x-factor. That is the pain, frustration, joy, gifted and dedicated factors. Just imagine; all that time you spend at work, at school, in the pub, out with friends, doing what you are good at. What would you have to sacrifice to do that? What would you be willing to sacrifice. I have heard that it takes 80 hours a week to get to the top of your field.

There is something about those whose skill and ability is so far above and beyond the mean. Those who live far out on the curve. Incredible how the crowd would hold its breath. Respond to the meaning in the music. There is no doubt it meant something, not sure what the meaning was but it meant something. I’m not blind to the seeming pomposity of going to a recital by men in fancy clothes and priceless instruments (his violin is 290 years old), but then it is no different in meaning than the 100,000 people standing in a field pretending they can see the latest festival headliner. It means something.

What a wonderful evening. Dinner, wine, fantastic company and exceptional music. Sometimes the world sucks, but there are still so many wonderful things it may just be worth it.




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