The Problem With Articles about Problems — Oh Irony!

The problem with X today. Your classic click baity, inflammatory, ideologically biased crap. The article that is posted from the New York Times, to Buzzfeed from The Chive to Diply, and everything in between, satire and serious news alike. What a load of bollocks. The thing is, there are problems and they have causes but rarely do they present a comprehensive essay on the issue. Rarely, do they examine the often dirty and blurred nature that is the complexity of modern human problems.

It is hard. Really hard. People are struggling, and that was just getting up this morning. No one wants to have shoulder the responsibility that the world is broken and it is up to you to fix it. God knows that isn’t what you want to face before you get to coffee, which of course is downstairs. So let us have a look, “the problem with society”, “housing is bad, here is THE problem with that”. Or education, the kids are getting dumber right? Or Politicians they never getting anything right and they’re paid too much. Or what about the traffic. If they just listened to us they would know everything they need to fix and how to fix it. That is just the articles, let alone the comments section.

The thing is all of those things have problems. They are also complex and complicated issues with a myriad of causes and effects. Each thing needs to be examined in its entirety so there is a worthwhile response, not just a popular critique. Assuming it is worthy of being written about; What is the issue? Why has it arisen? Was this a solution to a greater problem? Is it an emergent issue?  How it is affecting things? Is there a solution of some kind? Does it have some positive benefits? Is this a problem or have people made it an issue? This isn’t about putting up with things. It’s not about being progressive, regressive or conservative. It is about prioritizing things that need to be addressed. How does an individual face all these problems and not go insane? How do you face these things like a responsible adult that you should be?!

Earlier it was mentioned that you have to take responsibility for the problems of the world. This is something that you may not believe in. This is a philosophical position. To over simplify; it is about making the individual responsible for reality. That things would be better if the individual takes responsibility for the suffering they endure. That the individual faces it and overcomes it. It is a position that glorifies the empowered individual. You cannot control reality but you can control your own response to it. Take responsibility for it.

This isn’t easy or necessarily fun or easy but it could provide meaning to life that so many people seem to struggle with. Maybe it doesn’t but at least you would have tried. At least at the end you would have been a responsible adult and that is something that seems to be sorely lacking at times. Let us be responsible for the issues we consider, how many of them are of our own making? Lets stop pointing the fingers of blame based on ideological agendas. Let us be responsible for the choices we make and confront them truthfully and honestly and overcome them with genuine action.

On the other hand click bait is just so tempting.


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